Investment Planning

Once a Financial Plan has been created, the next stage is to implement the strategy and deploy the capital in a portfolio to achieve your objectives. The shape and style of the portfolio will be governed by your attitude to risk and the value of the portfolio. Typically, we advise on the following;

Cash Management – the ability to access all available cash deposit accounts

Structured Products – plans designed to achieve defined returns with a degree of capital protection

Discretionary Fund Managers – third party investment managers

Managed Portfolio Service – our own portfolios of low-cost trackers and passives

Tax Efficient Investments – plans to reduce and mitigate Income, Capital gains and Inheritance Tax

Invariably the portfolio will be a hybrid of all these strategies which is refined over time to meet opportunities and to achieve your objectives, be it capital growth, income or capital preservation.

Overarching this is the ability to combine the strategies into a Cashflow model to map out the required capital value and income stream over a number of years.

Our Investment Process is outlined in the document below which describes our process and rationale behind the creation of the Centralised Investment Process.

The Investment Process