Financial Planning

It is now a proven fact that engaging with a financial planner the value of your overall wealth can be increased which means your key financial objectives can be met and managed. The seven key areas identified by Vanguard (one of the largest global asset management groups) as visible enhancements from engaging with a financial planner were;

Asset allocation – the overwhelming factor in determining investment performance

Rebalancing – keeping a portfolio’s risk and return profile on course

Lowering costs – the one factor guaranteed to improve returns

Behavioural coaching – avoid the costly mistakes of giving in to fear and greed

Tax allowances – tax-efficiency is key to getting the best results

Cashflow Modelling – crucial to maintaining the value of a portfolio in retirement

Total return versus income – making the most of a portfolio for both income and capital

Vanguard suggest that the increased returns on capital can be up to 3% per annum albeit not delivered at a constant annual rate. However, whatever the “alpha” achieved, this could make a significant difference in capital value and overall net wealth.

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