Deciding who will receive your estate on your death and who will be legal guardian to your children are difficult and emotive decisions.  Decisions that many people put off without realizing the impact of inertia.  Our role is to make sure you and your family have a framework in place to support you at a difficult time.

Our first meeting is at our cost, however before any work is carried out, we agree the fee in advance.

Good planning helps your family get through an extremely difficult time in their lives.  If you fall ill or die unexpectedly there are many things that need to happen.  Making a Will can make the journey much easier for your loved ones.

  • You can prevent any family disputes.
  • You can guarantee your family can continue to live in their home.
  • You, rather than a court, can decide who looks after your children.
  • You can protect your estate for your children and grandchildren in the event of divorce or remarriage.