Lasting Power of Attorneys and Deputyship

Lasting Power of Attorney documents give you the control to decide who looks after your finances and health care plans if you are unable to make your own decisions. Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney is a vital part of advance planning, we can provide the guidance and expertise to support you through the process.

There are many decisions which your attorney(s) can make on your behalf under the two different LPA’s;

For Property and Finance:

  • Buying or Selling property
  • Collecting pensions or wages
  • Paying mortgage and bills
  • Managing investments and bank accounts

For Health and Welfare:

  • Your everyday routine (what you eat, who you see)
  • Where you live (including decisions on care homes if it is required)
  • Accepting or refusing life-sustaining medical treatment on your behalf

Lasting Power of Attorney’s are widely regarded as something which only elderly people need to set up, however becoming incapacitated could be as a result of an accident or sudden illness.

Having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place can reduce the delays and expenses that are attached to applying to the Court of Protection for deputyship in order to deal with matters on your behalf.

Many professional advisers now insist that Powers of Attorney are in place as without one, it may prove problematic for them to act appropriately on your behalf.