How we keep in touch

Communication is a key part of the advisory process; fundamental in the onboarding of a client and essential in maintaining a strong relationship going forward. We aim to deliver what can be complicated and jargon-laden technical information in clear English. Our aim is to ensure you have enough information and knowledge to understand your financial planning strategy and the implications of the decisions made.

Our primary touchpoint is our monthly e-newsletter Marginal Gain which is a simple digest of 4 articles on topics and themes running through the world of financial, investment and estate planning.

In addition, we will often upload articles from our investment partners on specific issues or events which will effect your investments. These are primarily for investment professionals and so no action should be taken independently if you read them. It is important to consult with us at all times before any decisions are made.

The current lockdown will mean we will look to add additional content to keep you informed of any changes and useful articles.

In terms of our core method of exchanging documents and information, we use a Client Portal which will clients to download and read any paperwork we upload securely. Equally it will possible for clients to sign documents electronically and to upload paperwork back through our secure server.

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