How do we work?

We engage

We meet at our cost to discuss what you want from your planner and what you aim to achieve from instructing us to act. We will outline who we are, how we work through our Client Agreement and the likely fees you will incur both as part of an initial formal consultation and within our ongoing Client Management Service. A Letter of Engagement will confirm the commercial basis of our relationship.

We discover

In order to lay the foundations of our service to you, we gather information via our Financial Planning Questionnaire about you and your key goals. In order to understand your worries, your view and tolerance to investment risk, capital loss we also complete a Risk Profile Questionnaire. Finally, we complete an Instruction Sheet for the drafting of a Will or a Power of Attorney.

We agree a strategy

We prioritise your goals and establish a strategy to meet these, but we also consider your worries and plan contingently. We will review your existing holding and assess if they meet your needs and where appropriate, we will recommend setting up new investments or policies.

Our recommendations will be presented to you in easy to understand terms and once validated, the action plan will be implemented.

We review tactics

Regular meetings are held to ensure that all aspects of your financial plan are reviewed on an ongoing basis. We consider both positive and negative factors in sense-checking we are still on course and can make tactical adjustments to counter changes and risk.